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Here's my site -

We're a group of high school students, so we need all the help we can get!

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, so thanks!

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This looks good, you've done a really good job with it. I'm finding the text to be very readable and well optimized to your site's objectives.

One thing you should avoid doing is centering text on a page - especially lists or paragraphs. This means that the eye has to jump back to a different spot to find where the next line starts. It makes reading more difficult. It also tends to look jumbled because there is no consistent line.

The design looks quite nice overall. The colour scheme is appropriate without being too tennis-y. I'm not sure what that flaming thing beside the logo is supposed to be. It may also be a good idea to get a proper logo done rather than using plain text.

The site could also use a real footer. Footers help to anchor the design and provide a place for copyright and contact information. Even another green bar at the bottom (narrower) would help to complete the design.

Overall a good job. It sounds like you've got an impressive business going!

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Well done. I was looking at your pictures, and when you browse through them the buttons change location. You should see about fixing that.

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header under coaches.php for Maraya Pratt and Sharat Buddhavarapu are too large and the background is repeating... and the picuters under lessons seem like they are shrunk and not croped to that size make them grainy. the site looks overall functional and well layed out... good work overall and if your planning on getting seo or joining dmoz I would recommend putting more information on your contact us page... like a physical address or atleast a phone number. is this a none profit or a business?


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I like the design. The only suggestion I would have is maybe putting some of the qualifications of the teaching pro's on the front page to give it some more credibilility. Good site though.

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Well done. What makes it a good site for me is if I put myself in the place of looking for your services, your information and pricing was found in seconds. Easy to read, clean layout, overall well done!

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nice clean site, i would pull a web 2.0 look to it tho, and that would spruce it up quite a bit, give your images some alt tags and use some headers too - Web Service Professionals - Free gigabit webhosting

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You don't need contact us four times on the same page. But for highschool, it is very nice.

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It is a cool site, nice graphic and you got straight to the point of what you were offering, not much wrong. I think it is well done for a business. | The Best Site for Anime News, VideoGames, Animation and The Web, plus add your own mix, WITH A REQUEST YOUR NEWS SECTION!! |

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I find the site looks very professional, and easily conveys its purpose. Information is logically organized, and I find it easy to navigate.

On the coaches page, it's great to see all of your pictures, and the introduction of each coach. It adds credibility, and lets visitors put a face to each of their potential coaches, hopefully enticing them to contact you.

The need to contact one of the co-founders is not visually apparent initially, however. It would be nice to see a more obvious distinction between the co-founders and the coaches. Perhaps you could break this down between two headers.

Great work, and good luck with your business!

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Very nice site. It has a business like feel to it. In firefox I did notice some text was slightly out of the borders on the pricing.php page. but other then that you've done a great job.

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