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Please review my site

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Alright, I'll start with the logo. You may want to invest a little more time spicing up the logo. You have a good start with the 1010 and the downward pointing karat ( not sure what else to call that Sticking out tongue ) but the actual text itself is pretty bland.

Next thing, the 'Protect Webmasters Rights...' ; the wording and the triple . at the end make it seem unenthusiastic. Replacing that wording with 'Protecting Webmasters Rights!' might be a better alternative. If the exclamation point is a little much for you, then a period will do.

I would put some light colored backgrounds and borders around some of your text. Black text on a white background is pretty plain. The last thing I'll note is that the text on the bidding pages is REALLY small. Bump the text size up a notch, and I'll be able to see what people are saying Smiling

The site idea is awesome, and I wish you much success with it.

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Firstly scrap all the Times New Roman fonts for arial TNR is horrible and hard to read in almost all uses it should never be used for main content in my opinion.

Concept, when I first hit the page I couldn't figure out what it was about until I had spent a few moments looking at the content, if you put a simple one sentance statement or small paragraph at the top of your home page (under welcome to code electors) visitors would pick up the concept of the site a lot quicker.

I think the 'open projects and # of coders' should be placed on the right side of your header (where it is empty) made bigger, bold and white.

The majority of the content text is size one it would look better at default or 2.

I think there is far too much over white and unused space - making the site thinner, centering it and giving it a nice bg might help solve this though i'm not sure it would look as good if it was thinner.

Overall nice site, it's a good business to get into, though there is some big players in the market there isn't many.
I wish you the best of luck with it.

Regards, Steve

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I tend to think that any business offering services should stand out in their particular field of service. You have a site that offers designers for layouts, original websites and templates. Your layout/ theme and content font/size right now are not up to par. You could use a better colour scheme, I nicer logo, better alignment.

It's a good concept, I've seen sites out there like it. Best of luck with it.

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Hi there

I'm not much of a ''coder'' but I like the website, go straight to the point.... clean, easy to navigate.

I will improve anyway the graphic, too much simple maybe (also if this is ok for this kind of website).

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I would like to see some description of what the site is about on the home page. When I first opened the site I was slightly baffled as to what the site was offering.


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thank you very much for all the comments . I changed some things yo ucan review it again.

Logo changed , fonts changed now full screen and some more will be added .

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