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Hello Everyone!
I am new here, so I am asking to look at my website and post your opinion.

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Looks good! One of the things I noticed was a little confusion when I first when to the site as to where the pricing was listed as it was up towards the top. I think it makes it a little tough to have to look back and forth at the template and then the price and info up top.

I like the right nav bar setup for the different options of category, designer, and type... makes it easy to find the three big categories.

I would suggest running it through the HTML and CSS validators. A lot of errors in the coding are occurring and they could cause some problems with different browsers.

Neat idea and I like the colors.

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thanx)))I am pleased to read it

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I like the colors and the flow of the site. My only suggestion would be to do something to make the links on the right stand out a little more. Maybe uses a larger font and some CSS backgrounds with mouse over effect.

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yes its good

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Not bad. The only thing that I don't like is your logo.
Your logo does not look professional at all.
Other than that, your layout looks clean.
I would make the "Category", "Type" and "Designer" table borders in green to match the rest of the site.

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thanx for feedback, r there other ideas?

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I like the layout and colour scheme, important considering that's what you do.

Under Info
All of your sentences should end with punctuation. It's not consistent. Your first three paragraphs do not end in punctuation and your last one does.
-under 'company info', second sentence, the use of the word 'many' breaks up the flow of the sentence and is really not necessary. I would just remove it. Same paragraph, last sentence, add the word 'the' before 'web design market'. This will also help with the flow of that sentence.

-under 'Help & Support', second sentence does not flow well. I would use something more like, ''Here you will find well prepared, detailed instructions on how to use and edit our templates, frequently asked questions and a Template request form if you have not found one that suits your needs.

-'Products & Overview' - You shouldn't assume that everyone knows that there are different types of templates. While it may go without saying in our field you should cater to the 'uninformed buyer'. I would say something more like, "It's important to find a template that suits your needs and makes a statement about the products/services you provide. While some may be in great demand, they may not meet your specific needs. Here you will find all of the information you need about our templates so you can make the right choice with an informed decision about what will work best for you."

-'RSS & E-mail Subscriptions'- I would add the word 'an' before existing and replace 'your' with 'a'. I wouldn't say 'only one or several' doesn't really make sense. It would sound better to say, "You should only choose topics that suit your taste and interests that you can enjoy reading at your leisure.

There are no spelling I have found anywhere, very good.

I think it would sound better if the first title read 'Customized'
"TemplatesFlow has developed a new project of providing customized services."

Again, you would stray from the word 'you know'. I think it would sound better more like, "A template is only the foundation to a web site. It is our goal with this new project to help you go from start to finish by helping you customize your site's appearance and by adding the content that will make your site more dynamic and unique." The last four sentences are good ; )

Now, with all that said. I like your content basis. The fact that you give customer incentives for discounts is a good catch.

I like your Account Pop-up. Easy and accessible.

Your templates are creative, well thought out and designed and easy to navigate through. The fact that you can 'click for preview' is awesome. There are so many sites out there that do not give that option and it's really hard to tell if a template will work for you by just looking at a small picture and not getting a feel for how it works. Good Job!

Your side navigation is excellent and your capability to have a resource to chat live and offer support sets you apart from your competition.

Over all very nice work and will keep this site in mind, maybe link it to mine.


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Wow. I have nothing to say except: good job!

EDIT: Did you use as inspiration?

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It looks pretty good.It seems to fit in with your purpose.It doesn't look too
cluttered or anything.I'd say it's allright.

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The template is pretty good looking. For the logo i might come up with something more dramatic/dynamic but thats just personal choice.

For seo purposes i would get a lot more keyword rich text on there under each template screenshot.

I would also add a sales pitch line under the main logo.

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Thanks for feedback, guys!

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I would edit the header and footer so it went all the way across the screan, or make it so it doesnt just cut off. Maybe add round edges.

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I would change only two things- the logo and the "upbar" to see the detail of the template- it takes your eye out the template if you want to see its details. In general the navigation is clear and easy to use, its neat and serves the topic. Good job Smiling

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Site looks excellent, only thing htats poking me in they is live support chat image. It does not fit in the page graphically and also logically - you really expect to have live support chat for this site??

How inappropriate to call this planet 'Earth', when it is clearly 'Ocean'....

Domain name ideas - Catchy domainn names for everyone!

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Yes, I really expect. I think that it's normal, that people can have questions about, for example, pay method or something like this...

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This looks good. I found a few problems:

  • Links opening in new windows. After browsing through a few templates I found that I had three tabs open from this site. I hadn't even realized that a new window had opened. With tabbed browsing it's difficult to make it clear to the user that a new window has opened. And it's annoying for them to have to close them.
  • The "storage" term is unclear to me. There's a button on the main page and it's in the breadcrumbes but I don't know what it's supposed to refer to. If it's an internal term you're using to organize things then that's fine but it shouldn't be displayed to the user if it doesn't mean anything to them.
  • The "Unique" price should possibly be annotated with an explaination of what that price means. A little question mark icon with a pop-up description would work well.
  • The small grey text on some pages is very hard to read on my laptop. Laptops tend to have lighter displays than desktop monitors. Things look a little washed out. This means that light text on a light background is problematic. Make it bigger and darker.
  • Speaking of text, some of the writing here is not very good. For example:

    Quote: TemplatesFlow develops new project of providing customize services.

    It sounds like you don't speak english very well. Which may be true, but if that's the case you should get a native speaker to help you with the writing. Also, this section could be expanded a bit to sell your serivces better. On the other hand, the info section could probably be condensed a lot. There's a lot of clicking through links to get to any information there and it's probably not accessed that often (check your stats to find out).

Otherwise this is a good site. I'm impressed with the quality of templates provided. You might want to add a free section just because it would help to bring in more traffic and links.

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Oh sorry for this mistakes. I'll try to cope with all minuses you've found, thanx)

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site moves well. not choppy. very nice looking website

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Some basics...

1. Don't mess with visitors browsers. Your site removes the IE menu bar. A major no-no.
2. By removing the IE menu bar, visitors can't adjust the text size. And the text size is too small to comfortably read.
3. By removing the IE menu bar, and right clicking to view page source, you make your site untrustworthy.

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VERY nice terms of suggestions for content...

you might want to consider inserting a one-liner explaining succinctly your mission statement/what exactly you offer

have an easy-to-find contact us page that links in the top left/bottom menu.

your "company info" section is very clear and informative

the only other thing I could think of is that you may want to move your menu from the right to the left hand side. People spend most of their time on OTHER pages, thus they will come to your site expecting the typical layout (ie. left-hand drop down menus).


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