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Hi, everyone.
This is my new web site
Please share your comments about colors, navigation, the things to be improved or something you liked.
I did not completely finished working on it- I plan to add useful tips, users articles and product reviews. If you have any suggestions or any helpful tips regarding that also, would be great!
Thanks in advance.

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Not bad, flashy, direct like a realy marketing site.

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very nice. Simple, pleasing colour scheme. Easy to navigate. Professional looking, good job.

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very nice colour scheme

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Validate your page at

It fails validation with 97 errors.

Your page uses mixture of too many font styles. Consider reducing them.

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Hi there

Nice layout, maybe too much ''standard''

Navigation ok

I will delete some of the 'buttons' you have at the bottom of the page or I will try to organize them differently.

Site straight to the point.

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Your site has a nice layout. It does seem a little too compacted but other then that very nice. As stated above you should validate your page as well.

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Nice looking site.
You should think about placing a Doctype at the top of your pages, and maybe using an external stylesheet.

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As was said above the only thing that stands out to me is the use of several different fonts. Other than that the site is nice & clean, well done!

Brad Arnold
bgaNET Internet Support Systems

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Nice and clean.

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good template and colour
it seems user friendly
i like flash

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