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Hi All,

I have redesigned my site This is a premier online shopping site provides creative zen accessories, ipod accessories, tomtom chargers, MP3 FM Transmitters. I appreciate if you could review this site and give some feedbacks.

Thanks in advance!

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I like it. It looks very professional and gives an appearance of being a trustworthy and established company.

The only thing I don't like is the background for the bar under the main navigation (i.e. where it says "Home > MEMORY > Micro SD (TransFlash) > SanDisk Micro SD Card (Transflash)")

I've never liked those color to white gradients.

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Good looking site, The pastel colors were a bit hard on the eyes after a while(but that is probably just me!)
The basket box that pops up is pretty cool as well, Over all very professional looking site.



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Hmmm.. I need a new FM transmitter. I'll check it out.

The overall design is very nice. Good colour scheme, nice navigation etc. I'm finding the centre part of the home page to be alittle cluttered looking. It's kind of overwhelming. Make those photos a bit smaller and add some white space around them.

On the product listings, the font is quite small and it's grey. This is quite uncomfortable to read. Either make the font size a little bigger or darken the colour. It would be nice to have some product reviews here, whether you host them yourself or link to reviews on other sites. FM transmitters in particular are tricky so it's important to read a lot of reviews before you buy.

A lot of the products listed here don't include a brand name. I'd really like to see that. It's kind of important information to have. Otherwise there's no way to look up the product and find reviews.

You've got a lot of lower end products here but nothing higher end. I know with FM transmitters that quality matters. My $100 (canadain) monster transmitter performed way better than the cheap Scosche I had for awhile. Both quit after about 6 months though Roll eyes I'm waiting until I have enough money to put in an integrated solution, but for now I would buy a cheapie just to get me through. I'll have to see if tehre are any Canadian retailers who have some.

Back to your site - I'll pretend to buy something and check out. Overall I'm finding the shopping process to be quite seamless. It was easy to find the products I needed and there was lots of available information. I don't like that pop-up that comes up when I add something to my basket. I'm afraid it's gong to go away and I won't be able to find it again. I've seen people do weird things with ajax in shopping carts and I find it to be just that - weird. If you're going to use ajax there I think it would be better jsut to include the same text on the same page directly below the "add to basket" button.

Is "add to basket" a common term in the UK? Around here we'd say "cart" but I know that you do things differently over there. My husband (he's English) referred to the "trolley" in a store not to long ago and the sales girl gave him a really weird look.

Anyway, I'll "buy" a few more items and go check out. I was a little annoyed to click on the "Skype Headsets" only to find a message that you don't have any in stock. If there's nothing in stock then the option should not be available from the navigation menu.

I like the "shipping details" link under all the products. That's something I'm always concerned about. I would rather see that come up directly on the page rather than in a pop-up.

Now, to check out. The yellow text under the shopping basket is a little hard to read on white. I find that you can make colours like this darker/brighter for text and you can't even tell that it's a different colour than what you're using elsewhere.

I like the nice clean layout of the shopping basket. The text under the returning customer or new customer is pretty small and hard to read. "Click here" is not a good label for a link either. Just a "continue" button might work better... the form on "my details" is also a little on the small side. Especially the text boxes where the text is grey with no padding around it. It's hard to see if I've made a mistake in my entry.

All of these form entries could be on one page rather than 3 separate ones. That's kind of annoying.

I'm confused with the "country" drop down on the address page - the shipping options seemed to imply that you only ship to the UK and Europe. So can I ship to Canada now? I wouldn't actually do that because it would cost a fortune.

The "shortcut name' on the credit card details page is confusing to me. i've never heard of that before -maybe it's a UK thing??? I'm going to stop now because I don't want to enter my credit card details.

Good site overall - some usability issues in here and there, and a need for more white space and more readable text in places.

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Im a bit new at this so bare with me. I do a lot of online shopping and there are just a couple things I see that would help "me" as a potential customer.

The grey colored font could be a bit darker, it would make it easier to read. I like the different colored headings. Its easier for me to remember that I saw "this" under "this" color reference. I like that. Also The picture representation of your items in the center is great. It might help display a bit more content, if you would group like items together. You give us the option of "viewing more like this", and that helps a great deal. Sometimes Im not sure who made what so that grouping saves me a lot of time. Im not sure about what other people like, but when Im in buying mode its a great asset to see links to sale items up front. Although it's a lot to look at, I think your layout ultimately saves us time. Your layout answers a lot of consumer questions, ie: what do we offer in merchandise, secure ordering, yes you do deliver and what's for sale. Thanks that we don't have to go thru a mock ordering process just to find things out. The colors are a bit bright but not over-bearing.

the "Click to view our range", I understand it to mean the range of products you have, but I can see how some might get stuck for a few extra seconds. Maybe make that smaller and add a statement that you have a wide range of products..then click here for more details???

Overall, I can tell that a lot of work was put into your web site. Maybe I can ask you a few questions about what you did in the near future?

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I really like your site however i do have some recommendations

Ok a few tips....

1. The sitemap tab on the top has got to go! If you want a sitemap link put it on the bottom of the page!
2. You have a new products tab However i don't see a Hot products tab.
3. The add to basket button is not seen right away when the person enters the page
4. Add Track shipping,Latest and greatest deals to the home page.

Thats all for now


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very good and professional looking website. and you have used very good colors for the site.\

i must say very nice work. keep it up..
and you should give best deals to the users to attract more customers.

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Hi Pbs

I love the site. Nice colours good layout and easy to navigate around. It does look very professional and If I was looking for any of these accessories then I definately would use your site. Good luck and I hope it all goes well.


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i like the top nav and side nav very clean and good looking.
shopping cart is also easy to navigate and very clear to get around.

overall i like the basic fell and colours.

good job and good luck mate.

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