please review my game site

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please review my game site design

site :

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This was in the wrong section, so I've moved it to the Website Critique Area. Smiling

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I think the site is laid out well with inclusion of all the ads, but there are just too many ads. I didn't know what the site was about until I clicked through some of the links. The colors are a little dull. Maybe include some hot pink to go with the theme. Also, I think I would prefer to see some image links with nice font instead of the generic text links you have on your main navigation bar. Mainly just remove some of the advertisements. It's a real turn off and will make people click out of your site within seconds of being bombarded by them.

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Very clean website and I am impressed with the placements of the ads. Your ads are well placed that it looks like a part of your content. My 7 year old daughter is a fun of dress up games, I will recommend your site to her. I agree tox0tes, the color is a little bit dull, my daughter loves to hang up to sites with lots of color on it.

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