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It is not without a little trepidation that I ask for a review. Never the less I would be very greatful for any and all comments.

I will bite the bullet and probably impliment some or all of the suggestions which are fed back to me.

Thank you for your time.

Terrible Terry

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You forgot the URL!

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@Megan - The URL is in the post's title.

@Terrible Terry - A couple of suggestions:

Provide a text alternative to the image navigation for screen readers, Google, text browsers and the like.

Have a copy editor review the content; I don't think it sounds very professional, and has some mistakes. I do like the way you address the reader, rather than just blowing your own trumpet though.

I suggest you use percentage or "em" sizes for text. IE users who need to increase font size may have to resort to ignoring your pixel-based font sizes altogether, which does not look good.

I think that moving the sidebar from the left to the right may give your page better "balance".

Be aware that some visitors will find that blinking GIF annoying.

Finally - Get a better HTML editor. Seriously! The markup is atrocious, with at least twice as much code in there than is necessary. The latest versions of both Dreamweaver and Expression Web seem to support modern, lean markup methods that produce faster-loading pages that are far easier to maintain.

You seem to have good design skills. You deserve better tools.

Cordially, David
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Thank you David,

I appreciate what you say and will do what you suggest with regards to both size percentages and cleaning up the code.

Strangely enough it was produced with Dreamweaver so perhaps I need to update that.

I also agree with you that some will find the blinking girl annoying and am in the process of getting a totally new image there.

If you would like to e-mail me at I will happily send you a complimentary copy of the full program suite as a thank you.


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Dear David,

Your comments were appreciated and lots of changes have now taken place in line with most of your comments.

HTML cleaned up. Blinking girl gone, text sizes are now in point instead of pixels. Text re-visited

Could you spare a couple of minutes to take a fresh look for me please ?

Thank you in anticipation Smiling


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First impressions are:

I don't like the images of the woman blinking, makes it look unprofessional in my eyes.

Also the links at the bottom of the page look messy just thrown to the left and right hand sides.

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Thank you for taking the time and trouble to give me your opinion I value it and there will be changes.


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Hey there-
I have to say that your content is great. Very informative. I will say, and this is my biggest problem also, that your grammar needs some editing. Easy fix.

The blinking girl is a little weird, but it wouldn't stop me from looking at your site.

Color scheme is nice.

I'm a bit of an amateure when it comes to web design so I can't give you much technical advice. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for your comments Doug.

I have noted your points and the girl is going just as soon as I can get some Flash work done to replace her.

I do agree too with regard to some of the grammar. It frequently happens when trying to mix content with keywords, but you are right. A rewrite is in order.

Because you were kind enough to review my site I took an in depth look at yours and I hope my comments are helpful


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to me this doesn't look like the most apealing website. it has its stuff but, to me, the design is a bit off. You should have placed at ransparent logo of GhostLog. You top navigation could use some work. | The Best Site for Anime News, VideoGames, Animation and The Web, plus add your own mix, WITH A REQUEST YOUR NEWS SECTION!! |

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