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First off, I know this site needs some work, but I'd like to get some direction on where to take it. Essentially, it's a gallery for some of the stuff I do in my freetime. As such, it needs an "about" page. I also need to fix the navigation, as some people have told me they go to the homepage and feel trapped.

Some questions: are the archives difficult to navigate? Is the site frustrating to use? Any other comments about usability will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

Link ---> Get Milked

Ed Womack
Get Milked

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Loved it.

Easy to navigate

Liked the cartoons.Laughing out loud

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I liked this site i agree easy to move around and the cartoons are funny looking good.

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I agree with the other two. Your site is easy to navigate through and i actually found myself clicking and clicking until my boss walked in and caught me laughing at the comics........ So yeah.......

But I did like it overall and I didn't see anything I would recommend changing at all.

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The image navigation buttons at the bottom of the homepage would be better if they were a little bit bigger.

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This is pretty good for a start. I like the quirky look of the logo and navigation buttons. I'm not sure about the colour scheme though. I think a white background would be better than the peachy colour you have now. Also move the navigation so it's a bit below the logo and then all the items can fit on one line.

About the archive, the only thing I would suggest is to keep the lists left-aligned and make the links look like links. Also put that letter spacing back to normal. It's too hard to read that way for this much text.

The rest of the content is quirky and interesting. The blog posts could be broken up a little better. I know you're telling a story but on the web it's best to keep the paragraphs short if you can. People have short attention spans and will avoid reading anything that looks too tedious.

Good job with the site, there's lots of intersting content here. Very unique.

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I love it!

Navigation was plenty easy
Displays well in 800 x 600
Loved the comics Laughing out loud

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Hi, I like the colors, cartoons, ect, all look professional.
First thing I noticed was I had to look at page title in Fire Fox Bar to read Comics, blog, Toons, instead of seeing those words perhaps in your logo, under get milked.

Not a big deal because it's obvious from the first page it's about cartoons, but still I like text telling me where I'm at.

Biggest Problem I saw was in your blog pages, and your about page. HUGE blocks of text without any bold, underline, Italic, and not enough paragraph breaks.

People like a lot of paragraphs when they are scanning pages, easier to read, and they also like bold key words so they can scan instead of having to read everything. I tend to go over board on this, just because I know I hate reading any text blocks longer than 5 lines.

Archive page was hard for me to read. Perhaps a font change and size can fix that.

About page was fine, but perhaps more paragraph breaks and bold tags. Maybe say a little about who you are in the about page as well.

Overall looks professional and cartoons were great.

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Funny Site! Keep up the good work. The only change I would say is the home page should be a little more user friendly.

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Well aside from the fact the website is pretty ugly, LOL no offense man it just looks like a dog vomited, pooed, and then bled to death on your page and you swirled it together to comeup with your scheme. Dont take it the wrong way! Its just my personal preference I guess. I defintly dont find it an attractive color scheme.

There are ways you could use the similar background colors and make it appear better I think. Theres a website I really like color scheme wise that you might find useful,

He uses a more brown tone of color but what im trying to get at is look how the background color is and then look at the light tan color highlights and the darker elements, theyre of similar colors yet totally different tones and in my opinion it gives a really good look by keeping the background + highlight + link colors all a similar color but using dramatically different tones.

Its the peach + red links that really kills it for me, they are not two colors that go together at all in harmony.

I like the website content though. And im not sure about who told you they felt trapped on the mainpage??? I find your page extremely simple and fluent to navigate.

Aside from the color scheme, website seems good for its intended purpose. But I definetly recommend you figure out a much more attractive color scheme (unless your intention for the scheme is to be awkward and ugly) haha.


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