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Just launched a new site that is made for all you webmasters and bloggers out there. offers all of you our ,animated fun flash movies to add to your site.
It's fun and easy, so check it out:

Please take a look and let me know what you think

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The site looks fine, but it was very difficult for me to figure out where to go. There is no way to search movies, and the Top Movies page was very slow-loading. The 'Add to Your Site' function worked great, but I would prefer an option to send it to my email address rather than it automatically doing so, and I'm not sure why you need my name and website to get the code. Must be for some sort of statistics or to keep track of who is posting the movies.

On the 'Become Our...' pages, it starts out with the word sponsor, producer, artist, jumbled up with some strange code. Could take a looking at. Other than that, I think you are going to have stiff competition, so you need some sort of gimmick or something that sets you apart from the hundreds of other sites just like this one. Good luck!


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At the risk of sounding negative thoughout, I will just hit on the things I see could *perhaps* be improved.

On first glance it appeared you only have the one slot in which movies are played.
I couldnt see anywhere that said "movies here" or "categories" etc
And that one slot seemed to play the same movie over and over again?
How, where do I get to watch movies?

I found the "top movies" link but didnt click it at first thinking it was exactly that, just the top movies, rather than a list of all of them for me to choose from!
Maybe rename it to "our movies" "flash files" etc

In the "top movies" page:
Perhaps a title slot under each movie to give some idea of what they are about. All I see is an image with no idea of what I will get if I click.
The problem with that is, everyone has different humour, taste and want to watch different things, so if people click randomly to find out what they are about and dont like them they will likely leave
If there is a title informing what the movie is about, it's more possible they will choose something they like the sound of and enjoy their stay!

That will also help people know that the "this page cannot be displayed" flash movie is not an actual site problem.
Which is what I thought it was until I clicked it.

And maybe at the top of "top movies" an explanation that says "Click the play button on the clip you want, and the file will play, or click the actual image and a new window will open with a larger player with the text information for that movie" (or words to that affect)
It lets people know what to do, whats going on and how to use the site without figuring out for themselves (and also there are no suprises)

As mscreashuns said, the "top movies" page took a while to load.
I dont know how extensive your flash lirbary is, but perhaps having it ONLY open in a new tab/window and creating an image of each file and displaying that would better.
I know thats a re-shift on your current design, but I say it because clicking play the viewing size is tiny (my monitor is 32 inch btw) and importantly the text is not there, which as an informative flash site, this surely is part of the experience?

Once I have watched all the movies on the page (there are only 9) how do I get the rest of them?
currently I see the only way is to page refresh.
at least 50% of users wont know this, or will just leave thinking they have watched all your movies.
And when I click page refresh I get some of the same movies, I have just watched, maybe you dont have enough mnovies to cycle through all new ones. If you do though, I strongly suggest you allow this to happen.

One annoyance is when on the homepage there is a movie playing, and I click the magnifying glass on that movie it opens a new window (and not a new tab). Starts playing the movie in the new window, but in the background the music is also still playing on the other movie on the homepage
So in the link provided, you have created two pages both with music playing at the same time.
Maybe mute the homepage music when user clicks link (or whatever)

The idea is interesting though. Nice colours and the site looks very well made! I like the film negative graphics poking out of the main body graphics.

And the flash movies look well made!

The things I pointed out are only minor but even minor things can of course make or break the popularity of your site!

Good luck!

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site looks fine .. sity is happy and full of live!! good job

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Good site flash player cheap design.

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Greg speaks the truth. I'd say to config the flash player to be set at 50% volume.. full volume is horrible.

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I liked the site it was a bit of fun and If i had the right site would probably use it on mine. Again the only problem I found was nowhere to look at the movies it offered. Also again the top 10 movies were very slow to download and I didnt have the patience to wait for them which you will find the same for other users especially on a slower connection.

On the whole though a nice fun site.


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You put that togather well. Found my way around perfect. The shoelace maker cartoon was very good quality. Wish you the best!!!


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I like this site, very nice looking, the movie sound could be a wee bit lower maybe as if you have your speakers up too high as I just did, makes you jump. Laughing out loud

Think your logo is excellent, wish I could produce one as good. Wink

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Huh, I seemed to have an odd good experience with this site. I found it in no way difficult to follow or felt the need for categories in this situation. I simply watched the movie, was entertained, wanted more, so I went to the next place that said movies, "Top Movies". I love the idea, and I really found the site intuitive and well designed/thought out.

A rollover on the menu would be nice though Wink

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Hey guys,

Thank you so much for your constructive suggestions. I'm about to upload a new version soon that will fix some of the bugs and add some of the features that you mentioned.

I have an intriguing question about my site that has been puzzling me for a while - What about the Flash movies that FlashOnes offers? So far, not many have added those clips to their web pages, and I wonder what the problem is:
- Is the music too annoying?
- Is the process technically difficult?
- Are the movies lacking something?

If you can, please try adding a clip to your site / blog / MySpace profile, and tell me what you think the problem is...

Thanks a million! Sticking out tongue

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Great idea. Cool navigaton. In fact I like flash staff so GOGOGOGO!

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Nice job, I think it's very clean, well designed and has great content, apart from the volume I wouldn't change anything.

Regards, Steve

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I like the site in general.
You may want to work on your header. The header looks too simple.

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Great design simple but with some motion in it ...

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nice flash site a good idea

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great site!

i would suggest getting rid of the "check out our top movies" image on the home page...ppl immediately ignore ANYTHING that looks like an ad

you might want to check out
for some interesting insights into site design

great idea!

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