Please review Ask Mr. Wizard

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Hi there!

I run a General Forum site, using SMF. I would love to here feedback regarding the content!

The url is:


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Forım website
may be use different template

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yea, id say remove the 125x125 ad, it makes a horrid white space for login area, also make a logo that matches your theme, and id go with a better theme, maybe at least change the color of that one, also remove the simple machines logo at the top, dont think you have to have it up there, its free software - Web Service Professionals - Free gigabit webhosting

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The idea is good!

But. I think that you need choose another theme from SMF default theme!


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Seems a lot of wasted space.

All the empty blue space at the top.
All the empty white space under it.

Below that seems fine...provided people scroll down to it past the empty space.

Book of Remembrance

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Overall a nice forum. I registered and made a few posts. I'll try to check back once in a while. It has a lot of activity despite the almost infinite variety of subjects. Sites with such variety rarely seem to get much of an audience. Personally, they overwhelm me.

The header confused me when I visited. Who is "Mr. Wizard?" And what does "Simple Machines Forum" mean? At first glance I didn't know what the site was all about. It took me a minute or so to realize that it's a general discussion forum not geared to a specific topic. The "simple machines" reference made me think it might have something to do with engineering or physics.

The header could have more pizzaz. Or at least explain the purpose of the site better. It's made up mostly of blank blue space. A lot of opportunities sit there. A snazzy header could grab more users.

But since it seems well-visited maybe you don't need to change anything? But you can always make it better and attract additional members.

Ed Womack
Get Milked

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Awesome concept, an entire site devoted to asking question about basiclly everything. It is clean well put together and seems to flow with what you are offering. Only thing that is missing would be a travel (being as my site is travel based and traveling and flying are my life lol).

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I think you could change the colors in this forum.
Create your own template change the icons create something impressing.
If you do not do something like that I am afraid your site will always stay just another forum on the net.

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Yeah... definitely just a run of the mill forum with a custom logo

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