Please let me know how I am doing (Dominic Travel Guide)

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This is my first website, it is not done but it is a work in the making. Thank you. Http://

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I Know your site is not finished yet.

Your site looks good, but...the flash animation takes a long time to load and the image at the very top is not fully viewable.

You should think about using a strict doctype.


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yea the doctype thing confuses me I bought a book on html/xhtml/css hoping i can learn some of this but still need help

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I like the site, except for the image at the verry top with the teal background. You should remove that and put your site name on the image below it (with the city).

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I have to agree the pic/header thing on top doesn't fit there. Besides that, the page looks very good. You probably aren't finished with the site, but make sure you check almost all browsers to see how it displays. It looks pretty off in Apple's Safari and Firefox.

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Yes flash takes time to load but its good site. I would only remove that Joomla favicon and picture on the top.

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Sorry but I dont like it, the basic look of the site looks really nice, but I dont like the use of Flash much in sites I dont think there is ever any real need for it and they just make sites slow to loads and eat bandwith for something that has no purpose really. If you reall set on keeping the Flash section then I would highly advise you make it much smaller.

I see use of alot of javascript to also something I only like to be used if absolutly nessisary, which in this case it was not.

The page dose not work well on most resolutions, something you really should look at, so for most users it has a horrid side to side scroll bar, the top header just does not match in with the rest of the site well at all either, it looks like it was just sorta plonked on top after.

The coding for the site as a whole could be much cleaner and it would be nice to see it in a strict doc type which would force you to have much cleaner coding if you wanted it to validate.

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It is a nice clean looking site. Things are easy to access.

The images at the top I thought were fine but this is always subjective.

On the SEO side you have no site description and some search engines use this in their results.

Also and still thinking SEO you have just used the site URL as the title. Bad move. You should always have the most important keyword catch phrase at the front of a title. So I would suggest something like "Travel Guide. Share travel experiences with"

Hope this has at least given food for thought but congratulations of a nice clean site.

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i think the site, being a travel site, needs more color/organic feel. it is too sterile. also, you might want to have a tagline that specifys the areas you are concentrating on so that a visitor can know right away what type of travel services you provide.

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