please giv a review for my portfolio site

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i am a student
i am doin design works under the name flying thoughts technologies
the site is not completed
please give a riview for my future development
am doing freelancing

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Hi flying thoughts,

Sorry we weren't able to review your site sooner! I'm just catching up after a long weekend away from work (moving house!)

Your site doesn't seem to be working properly in my browser. The text in the centre is appearing over top of the main graphic. Being able to design a site for all browsers is really important. Browser technology is always changing, so if you keep to something that works on all browsers, using web standards, your sites will be more likely to continue working well into the future.

You should also get some better hosting for this site. All of the ads are really detracting from the content. Decent hosting for a small site is not very expensive, and it makes a huge difference when you're trying to show off your work.

Wait, at the bottom of the page it says that the site is "Best Viewed with Internet Explorer 5" - Internet Explorer is on version 7 right now so why are you designing for version 5??? That's very strange (unless the site was very old...) Even so, sites should be designed for all browsers instead of just one. I know it's easier to do it that way when you're just starting out, but cross-browser compatibility is a key skill to learn.

You might want to check out some of the articles on web standards at A Padded Cell

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To be completely honest, I think this site looks like it came from 2000.
I think you should try again from scratch and perhaps get some ideas from "site showcases" or something like that...

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I second what Megan told about the version of the browser you expect people to have, you may use any free service to get the idea what browsers are used by most of people visiting your website.
Why don't you use the title tag with the description of what can people find at your site!

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I think the site looks good but the only thing i would change is the image that says flying thoughts i like it but the problem is that it makes your navigation menu hard to read. So what i would suggest is putting it on a different page alltogether or making it just a little bit smaller and moveing it off to the side a little or down.
Hope this helped!Laughing out loud

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I'm using Firefox and I cant seem to see the page with all that moving elements that flank the actual content... Also the texts seem to have a background that I can't seem to read it at all... Home you make some updates soon...

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Hi, I noticed that in IE 5 the layers do not display correctly, they seem to overlap the text etc.
Obviously, IE 5 now owns a very small % of the market, but it is still worth looking into if there is a fix for it.


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Hi, I'm having the same problem as others, as the images are in the text in the header. Overall everything feels very cramped. I would try redoing the site with some nice CSS styled buttons at the top for navigation, and then put the information you have below in a nice, well padded double column fashion. I would also HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend finding hosting without all the banners AND popups. Users who come to look at your site are going to shy away from a site with so many banners and especially popups. Cheap webhosting without banners and popups can be found easily by searching google. You can also find free CSS navigation menus this way.

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Some free web hosts with no forced ads:
hope this helps falcon

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Lots of ads and no content! that best describes ur site. Nothing to see on it.

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get your own hosting and ask other comments! Its a portfolio not a advertising company!....or is it?

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