Please appraise EEB Web Hosting Domain

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I just developed following site. (typo of web hosting)

I appreciate your suggestions.

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Hi James,

Sorry I wasn't able to review your site sooner. I'm just catching up to all the new posts here after a long weekend away from the computer (just moved house - didn't have internet access until Monday!).

When I first loaded this site I thought it was a web hosting company and was going to talk to you about how important design is for a business. But it's not - it's just a list of other hosting companies??? I'm tot sure. The links on the left side are also confusing - what's with the links about green tea and divorce info? It seems to be a mixed bag of topics that don't relate to each other. When someone arrives at a site they should know what it's about right away. There shouldn't be any confusion.

The language on the home page is also confusing. It's not very well written. Writing is becoming increasingly important on the web. If you can't write well, people won't want to read your content, which means they won't want to visit your site or link to you.

The design here needs work as well but sorting out the content is more important right now IMO.

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I think I have already reviewed the same site twice on other forums within one month. But here's my third review: Altough you have made some minor changes the site is still pretty much MFA with no real content and the navigation is still confusing.

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If I'm being honest, I would not purchase hosting from this site for a numbe of reasons.
Mainly, it strikes me as being a "hobbyist" creation as opposed to a professional - the design and functionality of your site is very important, especialyl when you are promoting a business in website hosting / design etc.

If you do not have the necessary design skills, you may want to consider looking for a template from - they have lots of templates specifically designed for hosting companies.


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