New Proxy Site - How Can I Make It Stand Out?

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Hey, has been running for a week now. It's up to the 100 uniques a day mark. My goal is 1000 uniques a day. It has a dedicated server already so do you think a really cool design is the next step?

I guess there's not much I can do to make it stand out from the rest other than reliability but if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

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We have an advertiser who will promote your proxy I believe, watch for their advert on the top banner. Smiling

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More colour. You need a better logo and it needs to be bigger. Perhaps think about moving the ads down the bottom around the page a little.

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Sorry, in my opinion its a little poor. The grammar in the opening paragraph is wrong, its also, as has been suggested, a good idea to move the ads to the bottom, and put them in an even table. It looks pretty unorganised at the moment.

Whats with all the green?

I think there are better ways of doing this, and look forward to your version 2.0

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It's a really nice skin and site. I think the only way you can really make it stand out is by changing the skin. But overall I like the site so I don't see what your worried about.

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The number of button graphics on the bottom is just huge, way too much. And since you don't have specified the width and height parameters to the img tags the images move and bounce around when they load (and it does take a while to load all those buttons). And please, consider at least removing the animated graphics, they are very distracting, it's even difficult for me to review the site. If I had browsed to the page I wouldn't have spent more than two seconds before leaving due to all that blinking and animation.

The copy on your first page seems a bit odd. It especially sounds strange that you say you only have two ads on your page while you have dozens of those little buttons. Also, to someone who doesn't know what an anonymous proxy is it doesn't mean much anything. Why don't you rather say something like: " is an anonymous web surfing service, it allows you to surf the web without leaving any traces and all this is 100% free thanks to our few advertisers!", or something similar.

Also consider making the Browse button large. There is only one feature in the front page: to browse with an anonymous proxy, why not make the button large and clear?

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It is too green and one might not see the words properly.

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The Website is to simple and has to much icon ads, also doesn't have any contents.

Website contents are very important if you want to rank and appear on Google Search Engine.

Another thing I know this is a proxy to surf secretly but administrators are getting smarter and are adding "Proxy Avoidance" to their network security policy.


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Well , the design is very simple but I think you can choose another better color for it. Also you could add a bit more content something about the site. Add some kind of graphic on the top ( maybe a nice banner ) , maybe you can even create a logo. You have many , many ads on the bottom of the page , that is not quite a good thing for your page.

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