Monstablogs - free blog hosting site -plz review

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Plz visit my site i.e. and review it.

Plz tell the faults and wat to add:D

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It looks OK, though the theme lacks originality. The main question is: why should I create a blog with you when I can go to is running on multiple dedicated servers and has a more advanced version of WordpressMU.

You may want to target a specific niche. I started a wpmu site a while ago and targeted it to dieters and it is doing pretty well. The largest wpmu sites are the ones that target niches, i.e.

Also, the header title is not inline with the content area. I am using firefox 2.

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Mr. Singh;220737 wrote:
Also, the header title is not inline with the content area. I am using firefox 2.

Same in Opera havn't checked IE.

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well the site is good. but google's ads are looking very dirty on the page.
you should remove them or try to change the links color or font size.
link color and font size should match your color scheme and your theme. keep this thing in mind.

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My first opinion - your website looks good. But If I were you I'd delete empty space on your main page. It takes 1 scroll fr me with my monitor.
Collors are good ones. I like light colors.
Navigation - good.
Everything looks good. Only empty space .... It is tomuch there.

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why hosting is suspended?

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site suspended :/

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