if someone have time.... have a look at my work

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Hi there

if someone have time.... have a look at wish71.net or wish71.com comments and constructive critique will be greatly appreciate.

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Your home page took so long to show up here that I did not go any further. However, my first impression is - why is the text so small? 9px and 10px is smaller than the copyright notice on a CD cover on my 1440 x 1050 laptop. Also, Internet Explorer 6 users must go through hoops to resize pixel based text.

When I increased the text size in Firefox, the menu text got cut off, yet there is a wide gap between it and the main content. Perhaps you could fix that.

You would probably have more success with your layout if you abandoned frames and Java. Some browsers no longer come with Java as a default install, as the download is so huge. I also doubt that the millions of people surfing with iPhones or other capable mobile devices have Java installed. Flash is likely more widely available.

I hope these suggestions help.

Cordially, David
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Hey, I had a quick look around, loaded ok for me.
Was easy enough to get around the pages and pretty self explanatory.
Did not have a problem myself with the size of the wording like webwiz
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I would recommend making the font size a little bigger and also trying to make the content closer to the navigation on the left. It all seems a bit distant from each other.

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Well here a some positive and negetive points which i have pointed out please see it.


1. you have combination of 4 colours : black , brown, white, dark brown.
They dont blend nicely at all.
2. Search text would look good if it is in same color ad header text
3.Logo doesnt go that much good wiht the site..(always remmember the logo shold bleng if the background is light.. the logo should be dark and vice-versa)
4. The gap between left and right is uneven


1.A perfect css layout!!.
2. A good highight of the latest products at the bottom.

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Hi there....
Thank you for every comment, really appreciated.

I made several modifications.

I know that probably many of you hate frames and I wonder how can i get the same effect without using frames in wish71.net ?

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