I need some Website Review here (J.R. PC Repair.com)

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I updated my Website http://www.jrpcrepair.com to a new format to provide free computer help, now I need some feedbacks or comments for my Website.

I would like to ask you all to verify my Website and give your comments on what I need to improve.
Thanks Doh!

Joel Rivera
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Oooh, I like the aquamarine color...

First I like the simple execution and subtle shadows, I think it looks pretty good, as for the layout it's a good standard two-column layout... The right-column links look a little too small for me but their ok. You need to differentiate or make the Announcement area standout more as compared to the blog content, you also need a better logo in place there, and your images like the computer box looks a little rushed and doesn't fit the general style of the site.

Lastly you need to read your own posts, check for grammar and spelling errors, theres a lot on your site that makes it less professional. I think thats all for now...

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I didn't get past the first page, but -

- W3C validator shows 178 markup errors

- You have an XHTML 1.1 DOCTYPE which should only be sent as XML

- Your main text is rather small, but increasing the text size makes things go awry

- Clicking on "Home" reloads the page

- The error console shows loads of script errors - but I think that's your ads

Overall impression - Nice general layout, if crowded. At 720px wide, it looks
a bit lost on my wide screen monitor (even though my browser is not maximised).

Hope this helps.

Cordially, David.

Cordially, David
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Thanks Guys,

Designing the perfect Website is not always possible, that's why we need honest people like you to help webmasters to identify site errors.

Well I'm open to read more feedbacks from all you.


Joel Rivera
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This site looks good - especially for a computer repair site. Usually sites like this are pretty badly designed but yours is very nice. A site like this doesn't need to have a beautiful design - it just needs to be reasonably attractive and usable.

There is *a lot* of text on the home page. It's actually overwhelming. Too much text makes it difficult to decide what to read first. It also detracts from the main purpose of the site - selling your services. I would cut down on that text significantly. You could create a separate landing page for the eBook to provide more information. Instead of having all that information on the home page you could have users click a "find out more" button or link (make it green to make it stand out more). That would include more detailed information and a purchase link.

Hey, you're from Puerto Rico! I went there on vacation a few years ago. It's a good place to visit Smiling I'm thinking this information should be more prominent on your home page. It would also help you target people who are searching for computer help in Puerto rico rather than targetting the whole world and competing against all those other sites.

There are some other parts of the site that could use some fine tuning. like on the maintenance plans page there is some weird indenting on the second two plan sections, as if you forgot to close a tag or something. Those headers could also be a bit larger and/or a different colour to start out more. There should also be an invitation to buy directly from this page rather than making people figure out how to do that.

Overall not a bad start! Good luck with your business Smiling

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Thanks Megan,

Yes I'm from Puerto Rico and it's good to know you came here on vacation, well about the homepage you stated "there is *a lot* of text on the home page" what I'm going to do is eliminate some text.

About defracting my visitors - My main reason of this Website is to help people repair there own computer by themself and of course make them click on my affiliates links to purchase any computer parts to fix or build there computer. So I added computer repair services like the one you saw on the maintenance link for the people in Puerto Rico if for some reason they want service from me I will be glad to help them.

Thanks again Megan see you back in Puerto Rico.

Joel Rivera
Free Computer Help

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I generally like the website. I think the gray on the right menu is a bit too dark to start off with. I think it would look better a bit lighter...
Do you have any intention on making the page variable-width? It's relatively simple and I think you could benefit by having the content column larger for the wider screens...

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Id say that the site looks very professional, and the "minimalist" / blog type look works well - it seems modern and professional.

If you want to make it much more effective, then *definately* add a large header - you can put the "Welcome to..." text inside it, but add some colour in a nice header.

Also, it seems very monochromic, so either add a green or a blue blue tertiary colour to liven it up a little.


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I'm sorry but to me this site looks a lot like MFA. Firstly, the site looks a bit too much like a free template. You could improve the way your site looks by getting a good quality header image, your current header looks a bit cheap to me.

Secondly, your site's content-to-ads ratio seems rather low, there are so many ads on the front page but not so much real content. And there are a lot of other ads too, for example the entire Computer Products section seems to be just ads.

The scrolling text at the footer of some pages is very annoying, you should consider removing it. Same goes to the yellow highlighting of your Support my Studies paragraph on some pages.

And finally, at least some of your content seems to be stolen. For example, your article on keeping the computer clean at http://www.jrpcrepair.com/Tip052507.html seems to be a ripoff of http://www.worldstart.com/tips/tips.php/430

To me, it seems you are trying too hard to make money online and I doubt you can do it like this. You should reduce the number of ads and add more content, real content, to your site.

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Thanks JV16,

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Overall look is nice - easy to read.

Only one tip - perhaps you need to widen the right sidebar so to stop the text wrapping.

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I love the idea...my computer is always breaking down....but it all seems like such an effort to navigate around...all i see is text. Where are all the images showing me a visual representation of stuff, it doesnt seem organised and place the google ads in a more strategic position, not right under my nose where im desparately trying to stay awake! As megan said it is all to overwhelming. You need to split up the text into more pages and add some images to at least create more colour and variety to the page. I know you have some small pathetic images showing something that vaguely represents what im tryng to do, but it should be the whole way through every stage...what better way to show how to install something than to see a picture!

I would also suggest to use a proper CMS rather than a blog which i think you are using judging from the rediculously untidy, unorganised menu on the right hand side!

update: sorry my mistake, it should all look like this http://www.jrpcrepair.com/uninstallsoundcard.html

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I review your website, you need some improvement on background color and add some images. I think!

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well look nice as its organized properly. I think it has a professional Look

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Hi, Great idea for a site, be interested how you are going recruiting techs to provide free support. I think it would be a good idea to put some stats/details on the number of tickets open/resolved etc and the number of techs you have to promote the idea of a working site that is getting results for its customers.



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I like the colours and the layout, to be honest I feel a bit awkward reviewing someone elses site seeing as most on here are better than mine to begin with Shocked , but one thing I would mention is I get some sort of error in the section on the left hand side, not sure if its an ad or something?
Some images on the main page might be nice to add to it?

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Site is not looking like newone i mean it is looking like established site.And it has designed like professional sitelike.Anywhere it is not looking like computer servicing site like.Home page is looking like filled with more content.may be it is ok.Totally site is good.

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I would say the site looks good. I love the colors but are you a service site or just an information site. A little confused

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Look is nice easy to read.

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