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We would like to hear some opinions regarding our website. Pro and Con suggestions are appreciated.


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It's quite nice. A little bit oldschool but is very easy to navigate and use.

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Change the image on the front page. Make it a nice more appealing graphic or none at all. Think about some borders being solid rather than shaded?
Nav links need to be darker. Get rid of the borders and have a list style.

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Nice colour scheme, this is a bit of a common statement but the overall feel is a bit templatey... The texts outside the main area is too small, the appearance is like a default theme from either Mambo or Joomla...

The logo looks good but not displayed appropriately with that kind of texts above, I think you just need to adjusts the sizing of the texts, and add a little splash of effects other than the strong curves you applied to wrap the left and right columns... just my .2...

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Well nice site. You need work on the banner. A good banner will be more appealing.
The " Web Designing Packages" is in the red backgroud( just after :You are looking for results and Fusionball Designs is a partner to help you achieve that goal.)
It become red almost disappear when cursor is over it. It's small problem but need to change.
You are providing service (website design, development, hosting and management firm) it will be better to have small ad of each of them like "Read more starting from..." on the front page. This will attract more visitors to click on packages.

I am learner keen to learn more...
Free tutorials & Guides,Free Source Codes

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easy to navigate but would prefer less of a template look not crazy about the neon green links on the right. i would say it is good for someone who did their own site but if i was looking for web designers i would have to think twice.
i would revist site and think about good color layout more balanced with cleaner look less bold in the menus. are you using css? no need to use Web Designing Packages twice in such a short amount space inbtwn.
portfolio i would wait till had more sites to show.


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You all are giving great comments, please keep them coming.

Just starting out here, so directional instruction would be great. Also examples would be helpful.

PRG: Dreamweaver. Using both HTML and CSS.

Please remember that we all started from nothing to get where you guys are now (grin). I will get there also - I HAVE TO!

Once again, thanks, and keep the suggestions, comments and ideas coming.


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I agree that the "WWW" graphic needs to be changed. It is somewhat rough or cold.

I don't think the colors for the tables containing the links "Web Designing Packages"(orange) and "Web Hosting Packages" blue mesh with the other colors of the webpage. Yes they stand out but you can find colors that will contrast but still look good. I like this tool:

The yellow on your site is RGB(255,204,0)

I agree that the neon text on the rightside banner needs to go.

Nice site, though, very easy to navigate.

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It is a very nice design, and it's easy to naivigate. I think that you did an amazing job on the site and I like it alot. Wink

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I agree with Swefx. Maybe it's helps to get redirected to home once clicked on logo.

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I don't quite like the color theme, and there are a bit much colors for my taste anyhow: the yellow header, the different shade yellow / orange footer box, the different colour "packages" boxes, the stuff on the right column ("partners" and "other links").

The copy is pretty good, it clearly says who you are and what you do. But the heading is not the best possible, I mean people can see your logo, they know they are in a website called "Fusionball Designs", it's not required to tell that them again in the heading. The copy is also good in a way it uses short sentences, but you should perhaps tell more details and benefits of why you are better than the others.

I would quite a few things from the copy, for example: "Our ingenuity and capabilities allow us to assist your company in obtaining and maintaining efficiency and an increased competitive advantage."

To me, that doesn't mean anything, to me it sounds like a politician trying to avoid answering a tough question. Give more details, what capabilities you exactly have that makes you different from others? How does thy benefit me? As a potential customer I wouldn't be so much interested of you but what you can do for me, or how you can benefit me.

"Our services include but are not limited to:" - I'd perhaps change it to something like "Our main services are:". Now it sounds too much like a lawyer talk, and there are generally three types you don't sound alike: lawyer, politician and a crook (some could say they all mean the same <-- joke).

The site's navigation is good, but I'd perhaps change the order. People are accustomed to have the Home link first, then the products or services, then the prices, then portfolio and last the About Us and Contact Us stuff. Another thing people are accustomed to is that hte website's logo works as a link to the main page, you perhaps should do that too.

Also, your website could really use some SEO, especially if you market your SEO services. For example, you don't have many keywords in your title tag, nor in your heading tags or links.

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