Help! Looking for some constructive criticism. Please critique my page.

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Hey all-
I started a site in late Jan.
It's doing OK, I guess. But like all things, other than the egg, it could be doing better.

Please take a look and let me know what you think I could be doing to, A)Draw more hits and B) Have a more enjoyable time on my page.

You can be brutal, I can take it.

I'm relatively new to web design so please use lamens terms, and how to's, are always appreciated.

Again the site is:
one more time,
Thanks a million

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OK Doug,

The site looks ok and I did find I watched the movie. However even after watching the movie I had absolutely no idea what the site was all about.

You need to SCREAM the site's purpose at the very beginning.

Now for some more techie stuff. I can't remember which executive it was but he was with Google and he was asked why google does not index and cache all pages ? His reply makes a lot of sense. He said there are two million mortgage companies out there and every one if offering special deals and discounts, so why would Google need two million and one ?

We are back to the need for original content.

I can find almost nobody having typed into a search engine "books movies food" So you need to do some serious keyword research to see what people actually DO type in to search engines where you have a chance of coming top.

For instance Doug, there are more than two thousand MILLION pages trying to come top for the search term 'book' Five hundred million for the term 'movies" need I go on ?

What you need to do is create additional pages where the page and it's keywords are targeted for a niche market and link them to other pages.

For example 'awful books' only has 800 thousand pages wanting to be top.

So, I do suggest you study keywords and add quite a few pages to the site.

Remember though that whereas the images can reasonably be the same, since this may be a site theme, the text and meta tags and title for each new page must be unique.

Google has indexed almost every page in your site.
MSN looked at your site map and quit
Yahoo indexed just 4 pages.

I do hope that either this helps you or at least gives you food for thought.


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To read correctly to English, rather than just English speaking viewers, your "Alternate ending" should be 'Alternative ending'.

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I definitely think you should move 'Categories' up top in that column and google ads beneath it, you'll find that more people will click those ads if there's content to get them there first. And display those categories in a list instead of in a drop down menu. That will make the site look like it has more to offer immediately and give visitors a quick idea what your about.

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I don't quite understand what the site/blog is about, but I think it would look a whole lot better if there were a bit more variation in colour. Perhaps give the posts a lighter grey background or a border so they stand out more?

It also seems to take a long time to load, but the page stays blank until suddenly everything appeared. Could this somehow be caused too much pointless use of javascript?

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I like the simplicity of the website template. The colours go well together (even with red headings).

It would be nice to see all the categories, without having to peek behind a drop down menu. I suggest a list instead of the dropdown, and repositioning the Archives in the rightmost column, and showing the categories across the top of the page. That would give you a wider content area, which you need, since the pages are quite text heavy.

There is also an alignment issue with the thumbnail photo in the "Speed to IMAX" posting. The text wraps around it in firefox, but only starts to do so on the last line.

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