A few sites for you to look at if you fancy taking a look

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I am new here and have a few sites it would be nice to get some different opinions on ways of imporving any of them if you fancy taking a look.

Only the vans-car-leasing.info site is new but would be nice to get any ideas on improvemnts that could be made for any of them.





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Vans, Cars, and Leasing:

This looks nice. I like the layout and the photos ad a lot of impact. The design does look a bit washed out to me. And I'm on a desktop monitor right now - it's even paler on my laptop.

Try making things less grey and use the mouseover orange colour isntead of the paler version.


One thing I notice about this is that it could really use a better logo.

The tagline here should also be shorter. There's too much to read there now, and something shorter could be catchier and have more impact on the reader.

Otherwise this site looks fine, if a bit generic. Try to create more character with the design. To go for a luxury look, try using more muted colours and a simpler design.

Some indication of your location would be helpful here - where can I hire cars from this site? That would probably be good for search engine keywords too.

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This site needs some layout help. The white background and simple design is good, you just want to add a few more design elements to create a sophisticated look.

The images on the front page are good, but nobody's going to read that text especially since the font size is a little on the small size. Even using bold for key words would help the user to digest the information.

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I thought i would check your new site for you.

I really like it. It is hard to give any feedback to change for you.
But I will try real hard and find something

- I know its small but I think you should use some capital letter in the top left "you are here"
- Not sure why but you have faded the header, titles and the rss feed until you mouseover. Dont think you need to do that it would make the site a little bit brighter having the colours as they should be.

Thats all I have. Great site.

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