Feedback for London Theatre Jobs

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I would love to get some feedback on my site.

Thanks in Advance.


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It's quite nice. I would reccomend making the google ads color more similar to the background. It's just way too bright at the moment.

And also the header image should be tileable or something. Nice design otherwise though Smiling

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Hi, I found your website easy to navigate, very clear as to what the site is about and your content, interesting and clear. I am sure that if I was seeking employment in London theatre, I would regularly return to your site.

I don't pretend to be an expert in any aspect of web-design, so, can only comment on my impressions as a website visitor. I think the colour theme you have used for the design is very fitting for the topic "theatre", the only colour that didn't seem to blend, in my opinion, was the turquoise blue used in the heading banner.

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Nice website very functional appart from the flash thing at the bottom which i personaly find annoying.

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you need to make the header spread 100% it not right. i would recommend putting some sort of lighter background around the sections with text, more readable. Otherwise, nice. I actually like that rotating cube. Keep it!

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Several points:

- I like the layout and size of the site, it's accessible and I found what I needed to know immediately.
- however the overall theme looks a little too "thrown-in"...
- the header looks unprofessional...
- the tiled BG looks out of place and disjointed...
- the rotating box at the bottom is annoying and feels like the 80's Gif overload...

I feel however that the layout has some potential, with a little redesign, the page could look awesome...

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I feel that your website has an un-pro feel to it, your banner has a lense flare and a 'times new roman' font, the actual quality of the image is quite low and contains some artificats.
The navigation is ok, it's a good colour scheme and contains some good images.
I especially loved your image cube : )

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Thanks everybody for the useful feedback !


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