Critique my first ever website (

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Checkout and critique my first website ive ever made

I designed the website myself (layout, etc), did all the artwork myself, and wrote all the content myself.

However my friend did all the HTML/CSS/JAVA/PHP as I definetly dont have the talent when it comes to the coding side of things.

Hope you guys like it! Its for a height growth supplement I designed for growing adolescent males.

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Hello Herbal,

It has a nice overall look, I really like the logo, but some problems exist:

1. All that text on the home page as an image is an SEO no-no

2. IMO the text overall is just a bit too light to be easy reading

3. Using pop-ups for your pages is not a good idea since many people block them - if you must have that look, better to use a modal window - check out this code available at Dynamic Drive

4. There are too many "coming soon" disappointments - better to remove the menu link until you are ready to add it

5. Contact would be better implemented with a form and php mail.

5. I am suspicious of the product - perhaps it is harmless (I hope) - the Results/Analysis told me I am a "Very Poor" candidate - since this product is targeted towards adolescents, I would be very careful selling any type of product to minors!

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The design is nice and has that futuristic look and feel to it. I have to agree with the general problems stated above by decibel.places. I do have a few other suggestions.

The drop down menus on the popups doesn't quite match with the rest of the design, it looks slightly out of place with the 3-d look of the rest of the site.

It also seems with the results analysis that I have a 'fair' potential to grow taller with this product. It appears as though the more you have grown the better the product will work. Or in my thinking just make the buyer think they are growing using the product even though they are probably growing of their own body's accord.

The calculator link at the bottom does not function correctly.

The side effects and directions links are not very clear until you mouse over them or click, this should also be text instead of an image for SEO.

It lists under the side effects that females must NOT use this product if this is so then you should state this on the home page somewhere, I see that it does show a pop up on the results analysis.

There are too many Coming Soon features to the site, I hope they will be there soon, you could just remove the link until the feature is implemented.

The text for the main page should in fact be text and probably slightly larger and a little darker gray.

However the site design and layout is good, even though I don't think I would buy the product.

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Its about a scientific breakthrough and sure enough the moment you log onto the sites the colours say to you here is something about science, that's a good mix of colors you have there. Adding a Privacy policy will help if you will collect any details about your customers.

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It simply awestruck me when I saw the header design, very nice piece of art.

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the colors were nicely and the graphics were well done. Pretty nice for your own doing. It makes me realize I need to work on mine. I don't know much about what I'm talking about, but I think the words under the headings were a little long and hard to read. I think it's becuase it is a little light colored.

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