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Hello everyone,

Sorry that i have not been here for a while, been busy with designs and i am still working on more designs for my business site.

I would like some feedback on
Which is now my new company website instead of

Please give your thoughts and suggestions on the above site.

~ Mike

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First few thoughts. The design is solid, good foundations, there are a few problems with it, however.

It looks a little boring due to the grey. You should introduce some small splashes of colour, red looks good with grey. Smiling

The sitemap and TOS links look oddly out of place, my attention is attracted to them after the logo, which is not a good thing. Perhaps they could be moved to the footer?

The logo is also a little boring, you could add colour to one of the elements. Either the drop or the circle background. I do like the icons on the right, again more colour could be added, why not leave them grey in their normal state, then add a splash of colour on roll-over.

Like the menu bar, and the link lists plus 'Why Us' text. Good job. Smiling Am a little disappointed with the plans beneath this, however. They're very boxy. Try to use white space to separate items instead of boxes, it looks far better.

Hope this helps.

a Padded Cell our articles site!

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Hi Mike Wink

I agree with Jeeves, a splash of colo(u)r would really make it come alive! and the sitemap/TOS links should be moved.

I think you should include the prices on the front page, that is what people want to know right away.

Overall, it is a clean professional look!

[disclaimer: Mike is my mate in the UK and a dedicated business owner!]

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I agree with the above about the color. The logo at least should include some color; red, blue, or maybee even green on the logo would look nice. The layout is looking good.

The only thing that caches my eye that probably shouldn't is the Sitemap | TOS links on the home page. If you moved them to the footer or even under the icons on the right it would look a lot better.

I also agree with decibel.places about the prices. Listing them somewhere in the block would look good (perhaps the title bar with the names of the plans?)

Good that there is no flash banners for my thinking.

The site overall looks good for a web hosting company.

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Yeah, Love the disclaimer Decibel.Places... LOL


Yeah, now i think about it; color would help and all the packages there now are outdated to what i am selling, but the order form tells and sells exactly what we have now.

There is alot of work to do on the website, and i am working on a much better design.

Maybe released beginning of 2009 or before i hope.

I am working my ass off to get it done, within all my spare time.

You can still purcahse website hosting from our current main site; (PR3) LOL....

Thanks, for the comments and suggestions,
~ Mike

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