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Hello everyone,

I made a thread asking for advice on my website a few months ago, it was turned down because I didn't review other people's work... which was quite selfish of me, I apologise. However, I have rated the work of other users and am kindly asking for some criticism on my own site.

I've been trying to design for two years, since I was 16 I think. My site's gone under the scalpel many times, but here is it's current look.

Unfortunately, it's still in it's early stages but I thought I'd throw it at you guys Sticking out tongue


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Looks Good!
I like the feedback bit at the bottom,

Looks great in 1024×768 & 800×600
doesnt stretch so well to 1440×900 (my default)
screen shot

quite a few Alt tags missing, and a few errors (not that that matters being a work I P)
Be good to see it finished Smiling

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Thanks man, I like your review and I know the perfect way to fix that problem too : )

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I think that you have done a good job with this site - the layout is simple and not confusing. The colour and page details are quite simle though and if I was looking at using you to design a site I would expect to see some showboating or something unusual to grab someones attention and make your company memorable.

Overall though the site works well - good luck with it!

Toby Frost
Frost Conservatories

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I think it's clean and simple, i like it. However, it does look a little unfinished and i think it is a bad move uploading it before it's even finished.

You've said it in your opening line but it's a typical small business mistake to have a 'coming soon' bit of text as one of your client's comments. If you don't have anything, don't show anything.

Going back to your copy i don't see what benefit you're trying to gain from describing yourself as tiny? You make this glaringly obvious in the contact page. Your opening line is the most important one and yet you feel "100% clean code" is one of the most important points you should be making. Try asking your clients if they even know, or care, what code is...

I think you need to think about your strengths (small businesses do have their advantages, such as a personal approach) and put 3 of them in your opening paragraph.

Just remember that for people to buy from you, they have to trust you. I can't say i felt that reassured going through your site.

Sorry to be critical but i do like the design, it's just from a business perspective i think you've shown quite a bit of naiivity. If anything i would say you need to focus on your business knowledge opposed to website design skills.

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I see where you're coming from, I can say that I have had no experiences with business or anything close... I guess I'll need to learn a wee bit more before I become a successful small business. I'm not really too bothered about getting next to no business anyway, I'm going to get a job soon Confused
Hahaha, thanks for the critique guys.

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