Static Versus Dynamic (CMS) produced sites

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I have just read an internet article about static versus dynamic websites and the fact the static websites will soon become obselete. How true is this? The article talked about the value of CMS based website generation such as Drupal, Joomal and Wordpress as these are apparently dynamic.

personally I use Dreamweaver (CS4) because I find I can't easily customise a CMS layout. I can use Wordpress easily but cant get my head around Joomla. Havent tried the others. I did raise the question of CMS produced sites in another post but in the context of client content maintenance.

Anyway is it ok to still use Dreamweaver? I do find it easier to customise layouts with it especially using CSS. What are others using? Should I continue with Dreamwever? For now I intend to.

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I wrote a blog post about this actually. As I said in the comments there, it’s getting increasingly rare to find a website that doesn’t require a) editing by regular people or b) advanced functionality that is better provided by an out-of-the-box system rather than being developed from scratch.

(For me it's not really a "fact" that static web pages will become obsolute - more of an interseting proposition to consider. There are CMS's that push out static html pages to web servers as well)

Is it "okay" to continue to use Dreamweaver? Sure, as long as you continue to find that it meets the needs of your clients (given the above two points).

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Ermmmm yeah it was your blog posting I saw.
Thanks for the clarification

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If you're happy with Dreamweaver and it does what your clients need, then feel free to continue using it!

I think Megan's blog post was meant to get people thinking, rather than force an idea down their throats.

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