Homestead Problems?

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OMG I just used the homestead sitebuilder to build my entire site not a lot of pages a simple one but it took me 1 day. Then when I wanted to upload to another sever the one at AFMU cos i only pay for domain registration and free hosting, cheaper than homestead, that's where the problem appears. The files are in XPF format, ie homestead proprietary extensions. I am trying to get them into html format but it seems that the only way to do that is to do it with Frontpage? I also recently downloaded Namowebbuilder...but i dunno if it is as userfriendly as homestead's one. I do admit that homestead builder is useful for a newbie like me but the cost is a problem for me at the moment. I mean its more expensive at homestead and when i did a search on google, others were saying that there were limitations to this and that with Homestead hosting. I am from Singapore and when I called them up at 12 noon American time, no representative picked up the phone. It is a Mon. I just want to know how these XPF files can be uploaded to another host? Am i stuck to Homestead for the rest of my webbuilding life? What can i do now??Do i have to redo my site partially cos the html files do not have the links on the left side and the header for the site is gone too. Actually these are the main problems but i still cant figure out how...OMG help.....i have to hope a kind soul will help me email me asap at