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Hi WMF Members!

I would like to ask experienced developers about CMS I need to choose for used car selling site? Basically I need a template for product - cars, categories for car types, years and contact form. Also there should be a search form and ability to add misc elements: reviews, social extensions and so on.

I've developed some small sites like https://www.carporter.com/ and think that their functioality is ok for the bigining. But lated I would like to have the complete functional list like at http://www.cars.com/

Thanks for your thoughts!

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This sounds like a job for Drupal! You could easily do everything you're describing right out of the box. Create a "Cars" content type and a categories taxonomy and years. Then install views, to create displays of cars in various configurations.

Contact form and search are also available by default.

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Thank you! I will try on of them.

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Wordpress CMS also good to choose for used car selling site.

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Wordpress is the leader and you could use it if you are not a coder, i use asgardcms which is built on Laravel Framework

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