How do I turn on error logs In drupal?

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I am getting continuous error messages from various pages on my site. The occurrences vary. Sometimes it will give an error and sometimes not.
The error is '500 internal server error'

I would like to debug this, and find the cause. But when I check the error log in cPanel it is empty.

Do I need to turn something on. How can I find out what is causing these intermittent but persistent errors?

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Can you get in to your Drupal admin panel at all? If so, turn on the database logging module if it's not already on. Then check under Reports > Recent log messages. The errors listed might be difficult to understand but they should help point towards which module might be causing the problem.

Have you installed any modules that could be causing this problem? Try turning off any extra modules you have installed (one at a time), and see if that improves the situation.

If both of those options don't help, then you might need to put in a support ticket with your host. They will be able to see the server error logs.

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If the errors vary you may contact your system administrator or your provider. They are the ones who can help you better. They have the error logs that the cPanel is not displaying.

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Are you hosted on a shared server? If yes, there could be a problem caused by number of simoultaneous connections of processes.

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