Event handling in PHP using controls?

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Hello fellows, Please how do one handle events in PHP controls? Or in other words do PHP have events handlers? I am directly referring to the ability to control events like mouse roll over, mouse on focus, mouse out of focus etc? I am presently working on a project that submits a form to a database.

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PHP is a server side language, which means all execution is done on the server based (most of the time) upon individual requests from a browser.

in order for it to act upon something you do in the browser (other than responding to you calling a script with options POST/GET data), you need to also include a client-side language, such as Javascript.

Javascript can detect the user interaction, and then make calls to a script on a server usually via AJAX. PHP would process that script and output some type of information that the javascript can work with (such as JSON formatted data).

A big thing to remember is that unlike a standard standalone application, when you make a call to PHP, the script runs and then stops. Each interaction starts a fresh new call to scripts, so you need some method (usually $_SESSION) to keep track of a user's activity between each time a script is called.

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Event handling in PHP
PHP supports Event handling mechanism, it supports different type of Events like Get, Put, Post etc...

class Handler {
onGET() {
onPOST() {
onPUT() {
onDELETE() {

Event Handling In Javascript
There is also some other events link mouseover, mousein, mouseout that is suppored by javascripts. we can use this events in our form.

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