Can we create a good CMS with HTML 5 ?

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Hi everyone, I am relatively new to these things that is why I am taking few course as well regarding website design and css, can somebody please guide me how can I create an affective CMS with HTML 5 and CSS. Thanks

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In order to create a CMS you need some way of storing the data. HTML and CSS can't do that for you. HTML5 is only for structuring your content when it is presented to the browser, while CSS creates the visual design. To store the data you'll probably need some sort of database and a back-end programming language like PHP.

Just out of curiosity, why are you thinking about developing a new CMS? Is there something unique you are trying to do?

Oh, and I think you probably mean effective not affective Smiling

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You even should use HTML5 because it's the new standard, and if you want your website to be professional you should stick to the latest standards HTML5. But unfortunately HTML5 is not a programming language, so you'll need an extra PHP and JavaScript to get it work.

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