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how can create a web design?

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What You Need to Start Your Website

There are two things you absolutely must have to build a website:

1) A domain name (yoursite.com or yoursite.net, etc.)

2) A web host

3) And then Start A Web Design Tutorials

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I'd think that, before anything else, you'd need to learn the basics - HTML and CSS. This 32 minute video should get you going: HTML & CSS – The VERY Basics.

Cordially, David
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If you want to create website then the very first thing you need to start is designing of your web pages. It is necessary to design attractive website to gain lot of traffic on your website. You can also take help of online tutorial service to learn something advanced about website development.

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Hello there,
Firstly you need to register a domain name, a web host and install software for designing a website. There are many kinds of software available on the Web. I personally used WordPress for my website. It is a free open source content management system and easy to use and install.

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Hi all,

To create a web design is easy. You have an proper mechanism to create the website. I will given below the mechanism of to create the web design

1. Plan the web site
2. to register for the domain
3. to choose a hosting

To follow these rules you will create it very easily.

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