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I have been thinking about building my own website, however the one thing that concerns me is providing content, fresh content, neighborhood stats, calculators, etc,....

point2 does a very good job at doing this, however if i decide to do my own website, where can I find a suitable web tool to design a site?

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Most web hosting companies provide a "site builder" tool and/or customizeable templates.

You can further manage the uniqueness of your web site by using a more advanced tool such as Dreamweaver or CoffeeCup or one of the other WYSIWYG web page editors.

Many web developers use CMS such as Drupal or WordPress or Joomla which provide onsite Rich Text Editors similar to using Microsoft Word and make it easy to add content. Developers generally customize the site by editing the code in text editors.

providing content, fresh content, neighborhood stats, calculators,

Providing content is often shared by you and your staff as publishers, many "Web 2.x" sites also have user contributed content (the CMS are good for this) - and many sites incorporate RSS feeds from other sites, blogs, news services etc.

neighborhood stats sounds like some kind of database, which could be a plug-in or custom coded app

calculators can be programmed with scripting languages such as Javascript and PHP - many CMS also have premade plugins for these

one example would be the list of hundreds of "modules" available in Drupal http://drupal.org/project/Modules

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You can use joomla or wordpress.Both are open source and you have many plugins and templates for both.

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I think you can use the DREAMWAVER software for design the site.

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I personally use back to the beach software called web studio 4
Its very user freindly, simple to use, and you can get a fully functional 30 day free trial, just do a google search for it, theres a support forum and I would reccommend it as a great place to start with web design, take a look at my site which was made by webstudio software, this is the third or forth website I have ever made.

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