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I'm looking for ideas for a small web application to develop. Something in which would be appropriate to have some advertising (not AdSense). I'm a PHP developer, I don't really have any experience with JavaScript (I'll learn for the right idea). The developed web application would be a company product (whether completely free or only having a free option, haven't decided that yet).

Any ideas would be helpful.

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You can use the social media advertising web application. To do that it is better to learn UI/UX. As you are a PHP developer its could easy for you to learn UI/UX.

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As you are good with backend, you can further study to improve design using html5 and css3 and frameworks like Zend to become a full stack developer. You can create any application you want. If you wan to advertise, it's better to sign up to become an affiliate first before you can advertise. Or if you have a product already, go ahead and create your website now!

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