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I'm building a website in Drupal for a solicitor's firm which is going to include a Staff page with a list of staff members. What I'd like is to have an effect where the content changes as the mouse is moved over the person's name - like The Case for Connection on

My first thought was do put it together in Flash, but then the content won't be dynamic, and if I right-click on the content on NewsGator, there is no mention of Flash, so I assume that this has been done in HTML.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but can someone please point me in the right direction?


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Sounds like a job for Javascript!

I have no idea about advising your with Javascript code as I don't ever use it, but their website code shows they use onmouseout and onmouseover.

If you don't know JS then I would suggest reading some tutorials about it. Although, perhaps someone else can point you in a more direct direction to what JS code you need to learn for this requirement, such as onmouseout and onmouseover.

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google mouse over javascript

also take a look here

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In Drupal I would try jquery for this - it's built in. Try that first. (although I'm not that well versed in jquery so I can't advice you on what technique exactly to use for this). It's really like a tabbed interface only you're changing them on mouseover instead of on click.

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