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Hi after a few years away from the computer screen i have decided to get back involved.I could do with a couple of ideas for my website.I have signed up with a company called avangate to promote software companies software.What i am looking for is an open source script to help me maintain all the products i wish to sell within the site.Any ideas ?

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There are lots of free open source script there in the internet world. Don't think any one will feed you with the spoon. First you better make few effort of yourself and find out what you can do to improve it rather making a post only. I think you should search for the script in the internet or better mark your price so that the other members can help you work through it.

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in the internet world there are lots of free open source script.for example Script Wiki is a free and open source scripts, Script Wiki has no registration. This allows anyone to submit a script, review and rate it.

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