To include "Designed by..." in the footer or not?

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How many people do include their name or company name in the footer of the websites that they design? Is it considered bad practice to do so?

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Depends on the site, client, content/market etc.

For sites you've developed for others? Or your own you developed yourself?

If the client allows it and it's a respectable site then yes. Or if it's part of the deal for developing the site for them.

If it's one of your own sites then just put your own web dev site on there.

If the web dev site/company is the same site name or company as the site it's on, then probably not, but still depending on the circumstances.
If you're selling something or providing a service different to web development, then perhaps you want people to feel you specialise in that site's market, rather than a jack of all trades .. astronauts being a window cleaner on the side for extra cash...

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I always put a "designed by" link back to our own website in the footer. I beleive this helps our website in the serps - maybe it's a coincidence, but I have found that when we have created a new website our own site often gets a boost in the serps.

I don't tend to feel guilty about this as I usually obtain quite a few links for customers free of charge so it's win win.

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No it's not a bad practice. This whole industry depends on marketing. And if people will not know about your website, how will it get popular! Thus be it a signature, or a link in your post, you should introduce your site in one way or the other. There is no profit in being shy in these regards. Some people say it is spamming, but then they also take help of this method in some other place. But then exceptions are always there.

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dont know if it is right or wrong.but I feel the name of the developer or designer should be given.look at a painting or some branded always bears the designers why not a web site.its the designers right

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how can it be a bad practice.I do not think so.if it is considered spamming then its definitely injustice as to the creators do have a right to claim there making

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You can put "designed by" this is a good marketing for You Smiling

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It can be discussed with your clients. The best option is to get your phrase in the footer and in exchange list the client in your clients list with their desired link phrase. If people like your design, they will click through from client's website. Your visitors can see the end product to satisfy your curiosity. Client gets a visitor who could be interested in their service. Think of a win-win approach where both can benefit.

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If I do, I try to make it blend in nicely so I still get recognition for the design but it's not distracting and awkward Smiling

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I would only do it after clearing it with the client, but it's certainly a really useful way of getting your name out there. In my city you occasionally come across buildings with a plaque crediting the architect - there's even more point to doing it on a website. But as Kik says, it's good practice to make any "designed by" link subtle.

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Yes it is a good idea to include the designed by in the footer so as to know who design your site. And to know the credibility and the portfolio of the one who design

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It depends. If you are running a professional site, a designed by note seems akward, but if the designer is the Parent company, a "designed by" note will add to the value of your site.

For portfolio sites it will be fine to add such note.'s picture

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We wouldn't say it is a bad practice to put a Designed by expression in the footer of your web site, but remember it is some kind of advertisement for the designer company. Usually if you don't place that expression on your site it is considered that the site owner has developed it himself, so it is up to you to decide whether to put it on your site, or not.

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I feel that you are entitled to put designed by in the footer. This isn't an unusual practice...

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I like to include a "designed by..." or "developed by..." link in the footer of sites I've designed, but I always discuss this with the client at the start of a project. It's not a deal breaker, but definitely helps as a small advertisement for our services and for SEO purposes.

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Amazing infromation.The great thing about Zen Cart is that anyone with basic computer skills can manage their own shopping cart {links removed}

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You can include it and put on it a backlink to your site. This is the way how I work

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Mark Zuckerberg did it

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It depends upon you. if its your website then you should so that if the design is beautiful then the visitor may contact you for his website design. but if you are doing some clients website then you must take permission from him.

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I is a bad practice to put a Designed by expression in the footer , HughesNet in Jackson, TN , Its very best and useful for all.

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According to Usability Engineering it is the best practice and proved by the Professionals that it is actually used for preventing Copyrights and identity of honor. so it is a good practice and proved.

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Depend on Client.If he like to put her name in footer then is OK

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I think it's fair enough if someone else has designed the site, template or whatever.

Personally though, I dislike a link out to someone else's site from EVERY page of my site, and I think it hurts your site. Wherever possible I try to keep the link on the front page only. Not all website software can do that though.

It's the same with all links. Do you really need the same sidebar on every page? Does it help or hinder your rankings if one of the first thing Google sees on every page is exactly the same (Left hand side boxes)? Most templates providing side boxes on only one side, usually have a right hand default for the same reason.

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I think there's nothing wrong posting your name on the website that you designed. As a matter of fact, that will make you popular and will get a lot of clients.

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It is for sure not a bad practice. It must be present in the footer not only for your work recognition but also to gain a free link that will help you for SEO. However, for premium projects you may remove it or as per client's requirements.

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