I found a fun picture on a web !

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Source: http://www.5da.com/body/2007/01/102-High-Heel-Shoe-Style-Bag.html

it would be really paper bag?

I wonder which 3d software can i design it ?

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I don't think the software would have to be 3D capable, though it would help. My guess as to which program created the above would have to be Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. It looks as though the designer took a pic of a paper bag, cut off the bottom right corner and did some editing with the path & fill tools.

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Funny and it is so cute! A little bit Photo shop creation I think..Nice one!

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It took me a moment to realize what story the picture was telling...but that is funny and I've never seen anything like it before.

I'm not sure what programs would be used for it, but I do agree that the bag was just altered in the lower right corner. We don't see any 3D effects of wrinkles and the shadow doesn't look completely accurate, which means it must be generated.

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Strange, but i know that with graphics software alot can be accomplished.

~ Mike

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That was a strange graphics, but it is really cute. Shoe form in a paper plastic! The maker of this 3D graphics have a wild imagination and very good one. Regards, Nano,

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Photoshop and photography is all you need to create the image. Take a picture and then touch it up.

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yeah this is photoshopped prolly..

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