Coupon Template for A Coupon Site

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I have this script and I want to make a new design for it. Also I want a mobile edition for it.

I would like the design to be similar to - light blue/gray colors - black text. Would like the mobile site to use the same color scheme. So I want the template to be integrated in the script ( in a .zip file ), with option in the Admin, so that I can change from the actual template to the new one. This way if I install the script ( the .zip file) on any domain I would have the 2 templates available.

I also want to know how can I add the template on an existing domain - you might have to do it.

Budget: under 250$

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May I know what is the platform you are using? If you are using content management system like Wordpress, you can just install a new responsive theme by logging in your dashboard then head over to Apperance ->Themes->Add New.

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