Can I add a bitcoin payment gateway to my Indian website.

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Hi All,
I am developing a website to sell khata (A specially design notebook or you can say like a royal dairy). When I was selling it Rajasthan, India so many people had liked my khata and most of the foreigners had purchased my khata. However, now I am developing a website for selling khata and mostly to do marketing it. I want to add most of the payment gateway platform to my world wide customer.
I had purchased a .com domain from and also a web hosting. Now I am developing a website from Mr Amol Patil (Free Lancer) but he was unable to add bitcoin payment gateway. and informing me that in Indian website bitcoin is not supporting.
So can someone tell me that I can add a bitcoin payment gateway to my site or not?
Thank you

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If your using content management system like WordPress in creating your website, you fan easily add Bitcoin payment gateway by just simply installing the Bitcoin plugin. Hope that helps.

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