Time Zone?

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Could it be possable to set up a system so that user can select what time zone they are in and displays it on there descriptions when sent messages.

So for example. It is 11:58 in the UK, so when i write a message to someone, it would of sent it on forums time zone which is -5 (6:58).

Or you would be able to tell when that user would log on. If i log on to talk 2 someone at 6am in the uk, but that person lived out side of the uk. I would not no what time zone that person is on to no when he/she is going to reply.

Do you understand what i mean. Its kinda hard to explain really.

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I'm not sure where you plan to apply this to, but yes, it's possible. This forum is a good example. You enter your timezone and daylight savings settings in your UserCP, then all forum times are adjusted for your viewing.

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except its not always 100% Wink it's mostly daylight savings that makes it mess up, but what can you do with so many time zones and leap years and daylights savings at different times of the year

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true, it could be good if there was a place to just but what time zone you are in on the forums. It was just an idea really.

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At the bottom, love -- set your own Time Zone?

People should receive the message set to their own Time Zone so they'd know you sent it at 2 a.m. their time, and that's when you're online.

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So how did i miss that b4, oh well. thanks anyway!!!!!

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