A small Critique

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I don't mean to tell you folks how to run your site, or the moderation of it. But I think that you guys have a really poor policy on the Website Critique Area.

In pretty much every single thread there is the person requesting a comment, and then usually 2 mods saying "Read the agreement, post critiques of other's work". Then people make comments on it anyway! So it's a complete waste of time to put warnings in there.

I realize the reason behind that kind of posting agreement, but the forum is rather small, and there aren't many pages to comment on in the first place, or they are really old, or worse, they were posted by people who didn't read/ignored the posting agreement, and you told people to not comment on.

My opinion, nix the postng agreement until you have enough posts from people who want critiques.

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I don't run the site in any way, but I'm not sure what the big deal is. I had no problem complying when I joined.

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We have talked about this quite often in the moderator area. We have decided, for various reasons not to implement a required review count for that area. Some of them are outlined in the following thread:


I would add that at this point in time we need more posts here, not less.

Personally, I really don't care if other people review those sites. It's completely up to the members. Reviewing sites in itself is a helpful exercise for any designer. We do not tell people not to comment on those sites*. We simply ask the poster to follow the agreement and leave it at that.

Thank you, CptAwesome, for bringing this up. We would like to take our members views into account on this issue.

*sometimes members pop up and tell people not to review those sites but this is not a policy of the moderation team.

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*people look suspiciously at me*

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