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can i put Signatures in my post.

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Yes you can, see the rules on it here:

One thing to note, signature links are set for "No-follow" (ie, search engines crawling this site are told not to follow them). The rules may seem a bit much, but are necessary due to the large amounts of spam this forum gets daily.

BTW, welcome to the forums!


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thanks sir,one question more ,can i put a link in my signature.

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indy11 - here is pretty much everything you need to know about the signature rules. Basically, you can have links within reason. A link or two to your personal blog or company site is acceptable. Thirty links for the purpose of SE ranking is not. Smiling

* Signatures should not be excessive in length. (maximum of 3 lines of 65 characters)
* You may include links that lead to your site(s) or a product page (see below policy on links).
* You may not include links to your Market Place thread(s), links that contain Affiliate Ids, or "Donate $$$ to me" links
* You may have a slogan. (i.e. "Top Quality Websites starting at $299.00" )
* You may NOT include scams or unenforceable offers (i.e. ‘Earn $10,000 a month selling suntan lotion to dolphins’)
* You may NOT use graphics in your signature.
* You may use html in your signature within reason. You may NOT use a font size larger than the default or more than 3 different font colours.
* You may NOT include spam links that are only there for search engines and not for humans.

All signature links on this forum are nofollowed This means that they won't pass any value to search engines. If you are only here to spam your signature links, please don't bother.

In addition, signatures will not be displayed on very short posts. If you are wondering why your signature didn't show up it's probably becauses your post wasn't long enough.

You may NOT enter a signature link inside your post to get around either of the above restrictions. Such links will be removed. Also, you may NOT quote sections of another post to make your post long enough to quality for the limit. In this case, quoted sections will be removed.

If you have any questions about whether your signature falls within these guidelines please contact a moderator.

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