A question for webmasters of this site

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I have joined this community after finding out this was built using Drupal CMS.
I really love the forum on this site.
I tried creating a forum on my Drupal site but was disappointed by it so I started thinking about integrating a SMF Forum inside Drupal.

I need to know from the webmasters of this site what modules they have used to create the forums on this site, this is the best forum design and layout I have come across on the internet.
I am looking for a positive response.

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Hi usmanz,

I'm glad you're enjoying our forum! We have done a lot of work (and continue to!) to get it set up the way we like it.

This topic has a list of modules we're using:


And there's some more info about our setup here:


Look for comments by JeevesBond, he's our developer.

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Thank you Megan, your list of modules pretty much explain most of the features of your forum.

But that's not all, I will ask more questions once I start implementing those modules on my site Smiling

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