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Not sure if anyone even noticed, but I changed the background colour of the for TWF.

Just wanted to post in case anyone really hates it. If you've got any better suggestions, hex values are welcome! Wink

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The whiteness of the forum background hurt my eyes at first when the background color was first changed, but I kind of like it now. Come to think of it, I can't really even remember what color it was before...


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It was brownish/beige with brownish/beige stripes before.

I like it. It makes the actual form area stand out more.

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I like this. Smiling

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Yeah, it really makes the forum area 'pop'. Abhishek wanted us to get rid of the stripes and beige months, if not years, ago. We clung to the Web 2.0 diagonal stripes for a while though, before they started to just look old.

Anyway, Abhishek: you were right. Smiling

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