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I was just looking through the archives and like none of the members there are around today! Yet I have a suspicion that Megs is Megan. I reckon that after a user has not posted for a period of time, that they should not be declared a 'user' (i.e. not being listed in members list and not adding to total number of members) yet they can still login and when they start posting agan, they become ' active'

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Hm, it's really no matter. Entirely up to the user. Why complicate things? Smiling

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Megan is Megan, Megs is someone else. The same point was raise a while ago about deleting inactive members accounts. Trouble is this would screw things up if they had made one post somewhere in the archive.

As Abhi said, if it aint broke why fix it? Wink

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No, Megs is (was) me - look at the signature!. When I became a moderator, JP (the administrator and site owner at the time), wanted all mods to be using their full names. I don't know why he didn't just go into the CP and change my username. That was back in the olden days Wink Most of you guys probably don't even remember JP!

I've always liked the idea of clearinng out all members with 0 posts and no activity prior to a certain date, but Mark doesn't want to do that.

Awww... my first post...

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Speaking of moderators...are any new ones needed in any particular design areas, like Web Page Authoring or any such related...*Cough*cough*

Sticking out tongue

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I remember JP. I found this forum waaaaaaaay back, I don't think it had been around for too long at that time. It really has grown 1000% since I first came here.


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