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Click on the link "hosting" on the top right of the site. What happened to Chad's business?

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I believe it was going well. But he quit/sold. Hence his brief return to TWF. I think he removed the Dids link at the bottom but must've missed the other. Trouble is he's still not around at all... :/

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i would like to advertise in that place, how may i do this?


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Didn't he quit web related stuff to become a welder or something?

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Mike, as of right now we are not accepting paid advertisemnt. As a member with more than 25 posts you are eligible for our banner rotation - see the About TWF page for details (top right corner). I currently don't have access to do this but will soon. Once I do I will post an announcment.

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I'm interested in that as well, Megan. Looking forward to the announcement. If you need any help managing this, LMK.

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