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I have high load averages on server. They go over 12.

What I noticed is that some log files were huge. For instance, thw slow-query log was over 450MB. I disabled it and it seems that load averages droped a bit. Not really sure, though.

Is it possible that logs can use a lot of CPU, and if so are there some other logs I should consider disabling/emptying?

Any suggestions are more than welcome! Smiling

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You can tell if file accesses are causing high load averages by looking at the iowait percentage in top (labelled 'wa' on our copy of top).

I wouldn't have thought log files would cause this problem, however. More likely is the database reading/writing to database files or the server swapping virtual memory.

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Hi I have gone through your post. And yes it is possible that sometime Log files can use a huge portion of CPU. And that time your load level increases And your server become slow. So it is wise to disable those log files. Thank you very much for your posting.

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