Creating subdomains in Webmin

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I cant find any information on how to add a subdomain in webmin / virtualmin

Their wiki is down and seems to always be.

Anyway, if someone knows how to do this can they help me? Do I create a new virtual server or add a record to the DNS zone (CNAME record)?

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To create it, you do go add a new Virtual Server. As for the DNS, depends where you DNS is being controlled, if you are running your own DNS on the same machine, I think there was a setting in there to auto add it, but I'm not sure. I ran my server on a dynamicIP, so I used DynDNS to handle the domains, and in their control pannel I did a cname to point back to the main domain name that tracked back to their service.

They have: 426 posts

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Hi Greg, thanks for getting back.

Yes this is correct. Actually I managed to install Virtualmin and it did this for me, however, it stuffed up the original settings for my domain.

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