APC Article - SSH: It's really not that scary

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This is a very basic intro to SSH and command line utilities:

For a long time, I avoided using ssh. As a designer, I thought it would be too complicated and difficult to learn. As it turns out, I was wrong! For the most part, ssh (and the shell commands needed to perform tasks) isn't that difficult to do. Being able to use SSH will make it easier and faster for you to perform many common tasks on your web server. Even if you're on a shared hosting account, you may be able to access your website using SSH (check with your hosting provider to find out).

SSH: It's really not that scary

This is the first in a 3 (or more) part series. The next part will cover file permissions using CHMOD. We are looking for a volunteer to write a third part with more advanced commands (grep, find, piping etc.)

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If I pulled together some examples of more complex commands (grep, find, pipe, etc) and provided some descriptions of what each were doing... could I hand that off to someone who could edit and pretty-fy it?

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Sure, that would be great!! I also have an article about chmod and permissions that's almost done but needs some additional information too (Liam was supposed to do this but hasn't had time - something about allowing multiple users to edit/delete etc. in the same directory???)

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chmod command is EVIL Smiling I remember when I did chmod -777 / once so all the server turned with 777 permissions. First that it failes was HTTP, Exim and the rest Smiling so the only thing i had to to get full backup for server Smiling good stuff!

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