Roll Over Drop-Down Text ?

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Hi everyone,

I am hoping that someone could help me?

I am trying to create a drop-down text box. I am working on a Questions and Answers Page for my site. The idea is that the visitor can roll over a question, then a text box drops down with the answer.

Does anyone know how I can achieve this or know where I can obtain the code for it?

Thanks for your help


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if the question is plain text, and you want a form select box to display the answer... or even a dropped-down text answer -

You need some DHTML to switch out the innerHTML of the text element (div, span) onmouseover and replace it onmouseoff - or expand and collapse the field...

This could be a possible solution for you, invovling a clickable button (should be modifiable for onmouseover instead of onclick)

Anyway, there are hundreds of great snippets on Dynamic Drive!

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